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November 2008 Skateboard Blog Post

Skateboard Guitar Strap - Slingz Slingz Skateboard sling- hands-free Action Sports strap When you wanna rock-out with your cock out and go skateboarding, why not combine the two? I rarely travel without my backpack - ya gotta have enough shit with you to get through the day. It's kinda like an acceptable guy-purse where I can stash tools, clothes, food and an asortment of stuff I've forgotten to get rid of, but still carry around. And it's handy for toting my board.

Here's a cool way to ditch the excess and still keep your skate close while you're climbing a fence or stumbling through the dirt. This sling, from Slingz, lets you strap your board over your shoulder by looping the wheels in this nylon contraption. Looks pretty cool. Check it out on the Slingz web site.

Don't fret over the hottie - to the left - this isn't a chick product. Seems pretty unisex to me and they also had a pic of a dude with a Slingz, but which would you rather see? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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