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July 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

The 900 - Not Just for Hawk 720 degrees on the Nintendo NES console Remember 720° on the Nintendo NES? I loved that shit! The 720 was the magic number in skateboard tricks until Tony Hawk came a long and spun a bit more giving birth to the 900.

Then at The Maloof Cup in Orange County 18 year old Alex Perelson became the fourth person ever, and the youngest, to land a 900. He did it on his first try of the day and won the whole contest!

So, who else has done the 2.5 rev spin?

  1. Tony Hawk, July 1999 X-Games, San Francisco, California (USA)
  2. Giorgio Zattoni, April 2004 Marianna HC, Ravenna (Italy)
  3. Sandro Dias, May 2004 Latin X-Games, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
  4. Alex Perelson, July 2009 Maloof Money Cup, Costa Mesa, California (USA)

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