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November 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Porn Star Comics with Aurora Snow Carnal Comics Porn Star Comics with Aurora Snow Let's all give a hand to Carnal Comics for bringing the "true" lives of porn stars to the comic book medium. What would we do without an animated biography of those in the adult film business? I suppose my appreciation for porn, comics and skateboarding is what prompted me to even mention it here.

Actually, porn star Aurora Snow has been in porn since 2000 and has embraced social networking sites in a much different manner than most. Through her Myspace and Twitter accounts, she depicts a very real person with a full life outside the world of adult films. Describing her personal trials and tribulations, she comes off as the girl next door... who just happens to have performed in over 400 films with a penchant for filling her backdoor.

Rent of buy some of her films for a better grasp on her film credits and check out her comic book, Aurora Snow: True Stories of Adult Film Stars.
porn star Aurora Snow

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