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March 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Automaker Bailout Can I choose which automaker gets my tax dollars as part of their bailout? I love my Jeep and couldn't give a fuck about GM. Actually, I don't have much sympathy for any company that thinks a hybrid Escalade is the answer to green consumer habits! How about a solar powered steam roller or a jet-turbine with an hand-crank.

Obviously, these assholes don't know how to run a company. Why give them money to let them continue fucking up their companies? If tax-payer money is going to be doled out with no regulation (most companies have use the money for bonuses and parties), why allow the current management team to remain. I say remove all senior management from any company that is to receive bailout money from the tax payers.

We should give the bailout money to responsible businesses like skate shops!

$800 Billion Skateboard Shop Bailout

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