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March 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Tony Hawk is Everywhere Tony Hawk cover  Washington Flyer airport magazine Sure Tony has been in the skate scene for decades and has propelled skateboarding to new heights as the "public face of skateboarding", but it still amazes me to see just how prolific he really is.

Killing time in a DC airport I saw his mug on the cover of Washington Flyer, a free (crappy rag to pass time) airport magazine, in which some lunk attempts to interview him by asking the same 4 questions every "dolt in a cave" asks and then tries to tie in the Washington scene with a political question. Um, what about the DC skate scene? We can read about all the corrupt fuckos in the newspaper. Does Hawk have a lobbyist's pull in the political arena?

This is the kind of mag that gives landfills a bad rep.

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