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July 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Jereme Rogers Wants His Mtv Pro skater Jereme Rogers announced he is leaving the ranks of professional skateboarding to pursue a music career. Everyone loves music. Most people would probably love to quit their day job in favor of being in a band. The main stop to this fantasy is lack of talent. You can't be in a band if you can't sing or play an instrument. From what I've read and listened to, this may be Jereme's affliction too.

He may want to look at the Muska and how he did it. Chad Muska released Muskabeatz in 2002 and then came back to re-invigorate his skate career. He surrounded himself with rap's luminaries and worked out a cool disc that really stood on it's own. He didn't turn his back on skateboarding or announce he was leaving, he just went down another path.

Skaters have close ties to the arts as skateboarding is a very expressional medium that links well to other creative endeavors. However, skateboarding doesn't have to be excluded. By Rogers making a formal announcement many are pissed that he's leaving skateboarding. I think he should have tested the waters with an initial release before telling the world he was leaving skateboarding for a career in music.

BTW- Hey JR, why are you touting being great at baseball and gymnastics. I'm sure your family think you're a big deal, but out in the world, if you have to tell someone you're great, chances are it's NOT true.

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