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July 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Football May Not be Exclusively for Idiots Bueno football is for idiots Remember Bueno Skateboards? One of their ads said "Football is for idiots" and when you see a bunch of guys slam into each other, pile up in a man-hill and then slap each others asses during touchdown celebration dances... Well, they do seem like idiots. And they get multi-million dollar contracts for this???

Lingerie Bowl game Having heard about the Lingerie Bowl which first aired during Super Bowl XXXVIII in 2004, I thought football may have a few redeeming assets. I may have been wrong. The Lingerie Football League (LFL for those in the know) simply pits teams of chicks in thongs and pads against each other.

Granted I'd rather see 15 minutes of chicks playing football, the end result is the same - Nice idea; porn is better than lingerie football!

Lingerie Bowl girl in football pads

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