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Marge Simpson Playboy Playmate NEWS FLASH:
All the attractive women of the world have suddenly disappeared!

Marge Simpson Playboy Playmate Is this really what people want to see in a porn rag? I know, Playboy is classy and has great articles. Whatever! Take out the naked chicks and watch the sales plummet even farther. So, the saving grace of Playboy - an attempt to get more folks interested - involves cartoon tits?

Even if that's true, are Marge Simpson's tits up for the job? Can her yellow boobs and tall blue hair boost ad revenue for Playboy Magazine? If this is cashing in on the MILF craze, can someone explain how the "ILF" portion of it applies to Mrs. Simpson? I get the "M" part.

Let's face it, Betty & Veronica would have been more fetching choices! That Archie Andrews sure had it made!

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