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April 2009 Skateboard Blog Post

Re-defining "Slut" bikini jeans skateboarding pants Who says fashion isn't progressing?

It wasn't long ago that girls felt the need to wear low-rise jeans so their thong (and hunk-o-ass) would hang out. Of course gangster mall-boys couldn't let go of the notion that they too should wear their pants low and let everyone look at their boxer-clad asses. Um... yeah, great idea. We preferred the look sported by the thong-y ladies, but since most kids carry guns, we'll let it lie.

So anyway...
Here's an interesting idea in slut-wear: simulated thong exposure conveniently attached to a pair of jeans. Brilliant. Now you can forgo the undies altogether! Whenever I see something like this, I know that the future is still wide open to folks seeking patents for their new ideas.

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