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June 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Skater Mike V Goes From Street to Ice - Again Mike V goes back to ice hockey 40-year old Mike Vallely is expanding his horizons as a pro skater and taking it from 4 wheels to 2 blades. He's been on the ice many times before, but this time seems more official.

Apparently he's joined the Danbury Whalers hockey team who play in the Federal Hockey League. I don't know shit about hockey, but Mike is an interesting and determined guy. One way or another he'll come out on top. This is a guy who can sesh a curb all day and make you jealous you weren't there. He is hella creative.

As far as skating goes, I much prefer to see him tearing shit up on 4 wheels. I played Blades of Steel on NES, but that's the extent of my interest in Hockey (or any team-sport for that matter).

Mike Vallely (pronounced VAL-LA-LEE) has one of the most mis-pronounced names in sports history. It's come to the point where his last name is often followed by a phonetic guide to it's pronunciation.

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