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September 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Never Underestimate (Skateboard) Product Placement Blonde bent over with an Apple laptop Those times you see specific brands on TV shows is no accident. Deals are frequently made with movie and TV studios to promote products by having them appear as props. Next time you see a character wearing a "Verizon" t-shirt or using a "Dyson" vacuum, it's likely paid placement by the brand or company itself. These things are not accidents or quirks - they're paid for.

Skateboard companies probably can't afford such paid placement, but that doesn't mean there aren't skaters affiliated with movies and TV that can't sneak a few skate props onto theset. Right?

I wonder how much Steve Jobs shelled out to get his beloved Macintosh products on these alluring porno sets. I'm sure it's testament to their design ingenuity and proliferation of use and market penetration. Everyone uses Macs!

Don't send me any emails. We kid. No, Apple did not likely sanction these devices to appear on the spunk-set.
Blonde bent over with an Apple laptop Why doesn't the skateboard industry get into this. No, not putting skate products in porn films (although we like the idea), but getting their products staged as props in movies and TV? There was always a Mac in the corner of Jerry's apartment on Seinfeld. So why not have some skateboard product on the Big Bang Theory set or on the set of NCIS?

Skaters are everywhere - strong in number. Some of you with the access to stage sets need to step up your game and flaunt some skate product for the cameras. Nothing sells product like placement on a hip show or movie. Get to it Hollywood skate rats and drop some product on set. Do right by skateboarding!!

Slutty secretaries love Apple computers

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