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Friendly's Ice Cream Heaven, But Slow Service Friendlys Blue Soda "I wanna go to Friendly's! Where ice cream makes the meal!"

Every time I see a Friendly's commercial I want to go there. Not many places have the food & ice cream thing going full swing. And I used to eat there all the time when I was a kid, so it's pretty cool to go back and still be able to chug down a Fribble or order up a blue soda! So I took the family there...

But there's always a catch to things that seem too good to be true.

The one thing I always forget is how SLOW their service is. You can get a drink and ice cream quite quickly, but once you order anything hot/cooked, you can expect to wait a minimum of 30 minutes for your food to arrive at the table. I've eaten at many different Friendly's Restaurants and the service is always the same - SLOW. All the tables around us had the same grumbling complaint: Hurry UP!

It drives me crazy because they have such a good thing going. Why can't their kitchen figure out what's trickled down to most other restaurants; quick service.

I love Friendly's. No, Really. I do. It's been a part of my life since childhood, but I have a new rule when I dine there.
I only do take-out and it's nothing but Ice cream and drinks. Sitting at a table for a burger is like watching grass grow. Sorry Friendly's, but you gotta do better on the service.

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