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2010 Skate the Planet Skateboarding Blog Article

June 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Today is Go Skateboarding Day - Get Up & Go Skate If you're not out skateboarding today - You've done something wrong!
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Of all the days you should blow off work, school and responsibility - THIS IS THE ONE!

Grab your skate and get out there. Today is the day we take for ourselves and bask in the hideous joy of skateboarding. Every June 21st the world has come to an understanding that skaters will not be present for work, school or any form of responsibility. This is your day. Take it and go tear shit up for all the 4-wheeled glory you can muster.

Today is the longest day of the year and you should spend all of it skateboarding. You can catch up on all that responsibility BS tomorrow!

Get out and skate - NO EXCUSES!!

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