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Skatelite- Not Just for Skate Ramps When I hear Skatelite I think of an awesomely durable outer layer that protects skateboard ramps. "Skatelite blends the right elements of speed, friction, durability and pliability in a premium surface material preferred by the world's top action sports athletes." according to their website.

construction trailer made from Skatelite I'm convinced that someone at Dwell magazine is a skater who takes a sly joy in weaving elements of skateboarding into a seemingly skate-free home mag. Articles with a skateboard slant show up on their pages way too often to be mere coincidence.

I started reading Teaser Trailer, in the July/August issue of Dwell Magazine, about shabby construction trailers that lacked the finesse of the construction projects they shared job sites with. Those typically crappy looking job site trailers just weren't cutting it so a builder had this custom trailer made and encased the outside in Skatelite for durability and a sleek black look.

Seems to me that some sort of ramp should have been incorporated in the design, but I guess that didn't fit in with the chairs from herman Miller. construction trailer made from Skatelite Inside the trailer. You were expecting fake wood paneling and a rug with full on 70's colors covered in grit. Pretty damn slick for a construction trailer.

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