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September 2010 Skateboard Blog Post

Rob Dyrdek Makes Shit Happen! Rob Dyrdek is good for skateboarding.
The world needs more people who can bring dreams to reality. Lots of people have good ideas, but so few have any clue how to make them happen. Rob doesn't just do this for himself. He seems to have this gift for making shit happen. Every time I read something about him, I wonder how the Hell he pulled it off. His latest achievement is Street League on ESPN2.
Rob Dyrdek Street League ad
Dyrdek knows how to plan, create and execute his ideas in ways that go big and blow the roof off shit. He doesn't think small and always gets the maximum return for his efforts. He's an incredible role model - without even trying to be one - and should be an inspiration to any kid riding a skateboard who wonders what he/she will be able to achieve in life. You can do anything if you try.
The world needs more people like Rob Dyrdek!

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