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I Really Don't Like Football I'll watch an occasional football game and I admit to liking the commercials that run during the Superbowl, but generally speaking I view football as over-paid guys playing a game I dismissed in middle school. Who needs it.

Skateboarding on the other hand is a complete passion. From riding, watching sk8 vids and keeping up with the industry online - I love every second of it. So leave it to me to get recognition for one fucking statement about Football during the Australian Open Tennis Tournament that somehow gets posted on a fucking sports site.

Twitter Sports tweet about Tennis

Packers Girl I guess I'll get over it, but I'm a skater, dammit! Now I feel labeled by one damn twitter post. I'll be more carful when making Football tie-ins during tennis matches. On the other hand, this gal, makes me feel much better about sitting through the Superbowl.

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