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June 2011 Skateboard Blog Post

Paris Hilton Copies Dyrdek for Another Hilton-esque Altered Reality Show Reality star, Paris Hilton wound up on the front of the New York Times Arts section to promote her new reality show on the Oxygen Network. I'm sure all 8 viewers will be dilighted. I'm not sure if I even get that channel. What is it - channel 742 or something?

The NYT story about "The World According to Paris" displayed this photo of Ms. Hilton and a mini horse.
Paris Hilton promoting her new reality show with a mini horse
Someone should let Paris know that Rob Dyrdek already did the "mini horse" thing a few years back on Rob & Big. She's pretty hot, but aren't reality shows going a little deeper than wealthy blondes randomly spending money and proudly sporting the sluttiest club dress?

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