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September 2011 Skateboard Blog Post

Santa Cruz Goes Big in Springfield With the Simpsons Bart Model Cruzer Skateboard Skateboarding runs the gambit when it comes standard, normal or expected. Art and skateboarding become intertwined in so many aspects of skating and every time I turn around Santa Cruz comes out with something crazy - crazy fucking good! Some will look at the Simpson's board series as novelty; others will see through that and declare it genius.
Bart Simpson skateboarding
The fact that they made a whole Simpsons series from an oddball-shaped Homer deck to a Duff's pintail is cool as hell. Replicating Bart's board is pure genius!

Measuring in at 8.9x27, the Bart model comes with OJ 60mm 78A Hot Juice Wheels and Bullet B147 Trucks.

Everyone should have the opportunity to ride Bart's board. Go get one NOW! Santa Cruz Simpsons Bart Model Cruzer Skateboard Santa Cruz Simpsons Bart Model Cruzer Skateboard

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