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2011 Skate the Planet Skateboarding Blog Article

November 2011 Skateboard Blog Post

Sector 9 debuts the Whale Wars skateboards featuring that kick-ass Sea Shepherd logo Sea Shepherd jolly roger logo Whether you're down with saving whales or not, you have to admit the Sea Shepherd's Jolly Roger logo is pretty badass - much like the Shepherds themselves. Might make for a cool skate graphic... You're in luck!

Sector 9 has teamed up with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for 3 different boards to suit a variety of needs & terrains. The Sea Shepherd's eco-friendly message is conveyed in the custom designs for each deck. Each board represents a cause of the Shepherds.

For me, the appeal of these boards comes from the raw nature of the Sea Shepherd's determination to stop illegal whaling. If you haven't seen Whale Wars, check it out on Animal Planet. These folks are not passive awareness messengers. They have a message and the convey it in a gloriously bold fashion.

Deep in the Antarctic, they actively prevent illegal whaling via very physical means. From launching paint-bombs to fowling propellers, they don't sit on the sideline chanting. They are on the offensive and seemingly put fear in the whalers they track down.

The Sea Shepherd's attitude and practices are unlike any activist group I've heard of and very much like the ethos of skateboarding. If I were searching for empty pools or dealing with angry rent-a-cops at a skate spot - I'd gladly take it on with the Sea Shepherds. They are a great melding with skate culture and I hope their boards generate money and awareness. These guys are kick-ass! Sector 9 Sea Shepherd skateboard

Three models to choose from:
  • Eternal Mini - Sea Shepherd Skateboard (8.5" W x 27.5" L x 15.25" WB)
  • Jolly Roger Street Skate - Sea Shepherd Skateboard (8.0" W x 32.5" L x 14.0" WB)
  • Sea No Evil Pintail - Sea Shepherd Skateboard (9.0" W x 38.0" L x 26.75" WB)

Check out the Sector 9 Sea Shepherd skateboards, read up on the Sea Shepherd's mission and watch Whale Wars on Animal Planet!

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