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September 2011 Skateboard Blog Post

Skate Moss Brand Blades-Up Your Stilettos for Rink-Minded Fetishists I came across the phrase "Skate Moss" and it evoked thoughts of a Kate Moss signature skate shoe. This seemed highly unlikely, but what else could it be, right?
Kate Moss
Apparently, this is not the case. In fact the "skate" reference is closer to the ice variety (or so it seems), not skateboarding. But all is not lost. Even if you're not down with fetish hockey or dominatrix figure skating, you have to admit that this funky boot is pretty sick.

The best part for those wondering, "What the fuck is this thing - a boot or a skate?"
It's a figure skate inspired boot with rubber soles made by DSquared2. They're only slightly more useless at the rink as on a flight of stairs.
Skate Moss boots
Either way at nearly $1,500 a pair, we doubt you'll see too many women stumbling around in a set of these wacky kicks unless your local dominatrix gets fashion-forward during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Realizing theres not connection to skateboard shoes, I'm still wondering how Kate Moss feels about these kicks.

Slip on your Vans, go skate and be glad you don't have to suffer a sesh in these crazy boots. Skate Moss boots

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