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December 2011 Skateboard Blog Post

Nut-crunching Snow-Bikes signal the start of Winter. Here's a smart alternative Bikini girl with a snow bike That's a nice sled. I mean, bike. No, snowboard.
Hey, what the fuck is that thing?

We've always called them snow bikes without really knowing exactly what they are, but clearly they have bicycle handlebars for steering and are designed for snow. Hence; Snow Bike... although we could be wrong.

Finally a snow-bike with NO seat! Hooray!!

Whatever you may call them, they begin the Winter season of nut crunching. We've deemed this wintery time of year as nut-crunching season because so many of these arctic hill bombers have SEATS. This always made me cringe. I'm not sure what possessed so many manufacturers to put a seat on a device that so obviously delivers spills galore.

We're delighted to see a seatless snow bike paired with a bikini-cald girl in snow boots. Good marketing! Go buy one and enjoy your nuts for another day...

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