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February 2012 Skateboard Blog Post

Porn star Jenna Haze retires from the adult industry An inconspicuous post on Jenna Haze's Twitter feed simply read, "Video:" with a link to her Tumblr acct. The video was her announcement to fans that she would no longer be in front of the cameras, but would still direct films.

I have to say this news was not well received at STP. Jenna Haze was one of the most amazing adult actresses with a decade-long career that revolutionized the boundaries of her industry. She will be greatly missed.

At the same time... she now has time to become the porn star skateboard pro we always knew she could be! ;)

Porn star Jenna Haze retires from the adult industry
Ending her ten year career before the cameras of the porn industry, Jenna Haze's last video appearance was in mid 2011. This event went somewhat unnoticed until Feb 7, 2012 when she officially announced her retirement.

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