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September 2012 Skateboard Blog Post

From skateboards to quinoa risotto, @arielRebel gives new meaning to Zesty & Spicy Ariel Rebel has a unique spirit about her. She's won numerous AVN and Xbiz awards for her solo-girl website that is actually an umbrella for several girls who all share similar talent (bust Ariels our fave). We've been longtime fans of Ariel with particular affection for her skateboard inspired photo shoots.

Ariel Rebel is our favorite zesty & spicy skater girl Ariel Rebel is our favorite zesty & spicy skater girl She has her own custom skateboard decks which may seem odd for someone in her position, but she's a pretty unique gal. If you follow Ariel Rebel on Twitter, you'll discover her penchant for tea, select TV shows and walking her dog. She's friendly, fun and full of ideas. She's not obsessed with the Adult Industry, she simply generates amazing content for it while her daily life spawns many different interests.

Aside from "doing naked" better than most in her line of work, she can tell you the inner workings of PhotoShop in French! Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to taking her career into her own hands from management to the technical aspects. From there she went to the kitchen.

Her cooking blog (Yes, this AVN and Xbiz award winner has a cooking blog) neatly details her passions in the kitchen. Cross referenced, with beautiful pictures, she details a variety of dishes she's prepared. The best part is her honesty carries over to this blog. She freely admits that all the recipes are in fact prepared by your favorite erotic starlet, Ariel Rebel! quinoa risotto by Ariel Rebel for zesty & spicy

You may know her best from her erotic Ariel Unplugged blog and official Ariel Rebel website, but you should also check out Ariel Rebel's Zesty & Spicy cooking blog!

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