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January 2013 Skateboard Blog Post

#EyeCandyMandy clearly defines FTW on Ariel Rebel's amazing new website Ariel Rebel's Reble Army logo All over the web, particularly on social media sites I kept seeing the term FTW at the end of many posts. As a skater, FTW has always been an abbreviation for "Fuck The World". But it occurred to me that Fuck The World didn't really fit in with many of the posts I saw it on. In fact it seemed very out of place.

Could someone have taken FTW and made it into something else?!? WTF! (at least no one has stolen the beloved WTF). I looked it up and predominantly it seems to now stand for "For The Win". Are you fucking kidding me?!?

As long as I'm capable of riding a skateboard, FTW will always be Fuck The World. While on the subject Ariel Rebel's newest website for Eye Candy Mandy is live. Mandy does an excellent job of displaying the proper syntax of FTW! ...even though she later had it covered up.

Eye Candy Mandy - Fuck the World tattoo Eye Candy Mandy - Fuck the World tattoo

Check out Ariel Rebel's newest website: Eye Candy Mandy!

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