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This is why we need more women Skateboarding Women are so often ostracized at skate parks or anywhere that skaters gather. Human nature seems to descend to the lowest common denominator and despicable behavior suddenly becomes tolerated and accepted. Next time one of your buddies starts hassling a girl just because she has a skateboard, remind him what a skater really is.

Skater girl
For those who've forgotten, a skater is anyone who gets a rush from simply standing on a board. Skateboarding isn't an elitist sport - actually it isn't a sport. It's a counter-culture reaction to being unique and finding your own style with a tool that lets you do just that. Anyone who shows the initiative to go skate should be welcomed and nurtured. Cool people are few and far between, so next time you see a girl skating, give her the props she deserves. She's earned more respect for simply owning a board, than your stupid friends who would rather taunt her. The Golden Rule may seem out-dated, but it holds more merit than you may think.

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