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June 2014 Skateboard Blog Post

Many cosplayers are gamers, but how many are also skaters? Ryuu Lavitz - Cosplayer, Skateboarder Ryuu Lavitz is the latest arrival on the cosplay scene with some really phenomenal costumes. In an age when the SciFi Channel airs a reality show, Heroes of Cosplay, one tends to realize that this is a growing hobby that is fast becoming a profession. Back in the day, who thought being a professional skateboarder would be possible. Times are always changing.

There's always been an artistic component to skateboarding. From skating itself to the many artistic endeavors led by it's most hardcore riders. Art finds it's way into all sorts of places. Check out Ryuu's cosplays on her Facebook page to see her artistic talents in cosplay.

It's very cool to find out she's a skater. Ryuu Lavitz - Cosplayer, Skateboarder

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