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"Back To School" - Don't forget your quarter-pipe

Back in my day, "Back To School" shopping meant I had to buy new pens, pencils, 3-ring binders, spiral notebooks, paper and new clothes that I had little desire to wear. Essentially, it was all about school supplies. These day everyone wants in on the action and even your local pet store will have a Back To School sale. You can't go back to school without a new dog or a turtle, right?

CCS back to school flyer for a uarter pipe

What about a quarter pipe? That's right. You know you need a new quarter pipe in order to go back to school. You can't just show up with the same one you had last year, dumbass.
Don't get it either? Go ask CCS, the online skateboard retailer.

Their latest e-mail flyer had the usual assortment of shoes, clothes and stuff for their "Back To School" sale, but the kicker was the "Build your ownskatepark" section of the flyer. For some reason, they think everyone should have a skate park for going back to school. It doesn't make a lot of sense from a logistical standpoint, but I wish my parents had thought a quarter pipe was a mandatory Back to School item. The closest thing I got was a "Snoopy" lunchbox - although it was the cool metal kind.

The Cost of Skating in School

Puting aside the obvious debate, take a look at the price. $1,499 !! And the shipping is $175. They have to be kidding.

I've built my share of quarter pipe ramps, and none of them have come close to THAT price. Based around a 4x8 sheet of plywood, I think my costs were closer to $100 or $150 tops! At this price, I can build my own for less than the shipping cost! You could build a sweet little mini-ramp for $1,500.

I think everyone should go out and build a slick wooden quarter pipe, ride like there's no tomorrow and rue the day that you're back behind a desk listening to some underqualified educator try to tell you how things are (or at work doing much the same).

Still want to blow $1,500 on a pre-fab quarter pipe? Here are the details from CCS...

Product description from the CCS site:
Get big air and smooth landings with the Mojo Quarter Pipe. At 4 ft. high and 4 ft. wide, and a platform of 4 ft. x 2 ft., you're now one of the big boys. Constructed with welded steel and a 1/2 inch polypropylene surface, the quarter pipe is weather resistant and comes equipped with a wheel kit for easy transport. No skate course is complete without the Mojo Quarter Pipe.
All Sales are Final.

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