Beware Owl Moon Daycare Brewster, MA

The following info comes from my meeting with a rep of the Owl Moon daycare facility and ensuing phone call with their director. She has since accused me of slander, fabrication and lying. All these accusations are congruent with the rude, angry woman I dealt with via telephone.

Before you read on... ask yourself, why would I lie or fabricate such a story?
There is nothing gained by lying. As a concerned parent, I would gladly welcome all information available before leaving my child with ANYONE.
This is my account of what happened and my opinion on the matter.

I love my son very much and have the highest regard for care givers which is exactly why I wish to recant my experience with the director from Owl Moon daycare on Cape Cod. My child deserves better and I suspect YOU might feel the same way about your child.

Daycare providers should not be tense, angry people who resolve issues by yelling - certainly not in front of the children they are caring for!

The following paragraphs are my personal opinions based on my dealings with the Owl Moon Daycare in Brewster, MA on Cape Cod.

Beware Un-qualified Daycare Personnel

A warning to those seeking daycare for their children on Cape Cod.
Any daycare provider's program will likely look good on paper and sound good when they tell you about it, but don't ignore the daycare providers themselves! Pay close attention to the actual people who will be interacting with your child! Upon visiting the Owl Moon Daycare in Brewster, I was impressed with their curriculum as well as with the woman who explained it to me.

However, upon speaking with the Director of the Owl Moon Daycare on the phone (she also cares for the children in the program), I found her angry, rude and she kept raising her voice at me in front of the children. Is this how she communicates with the children in her daily care?
Not my child!!

My Awful Owl Moon Daycare Experience

In searching for a daycare facility for my child, an acquaintance suggested the Owl Moon Daycare in Brewster, on Cape Cod. They seem to be affiliated with the Pleasant Bay Rehab Facility. Their program looked good on paper and sounded good. I wanted a good program carried out by good people.

My situation is a bit out of the ordinary and I'm not able to enroll my child full time. The Director of the Owl Moon Daycare agreed to take my child for a short duration and see about continuing down the road. I was excited. Child care is tough to find around here.

The next morning I receive a message from the Owl Moon Daycare director saying she had thought about it and would not be able to take my child. This caused frustration since I had already made plans since my child had been accepted. I have difficult schedule to accommodate and I was very pleased they could help me out... or so I thought.

Owl Moon Daycare Director's Rudeness

I called back to find out "What happened?". The explanation came down to her having made a rushed decision that was not in the financial interests of the Owl Moon Daycare facility. Naturally, I was disappointed. In explaining how this sudden change put a wrench in the plans I had just made, she told me:

"That's not my problem."

and then,

"Those are your issues, not mine!"

I was very surprised surprised at her sudden change in tone and attitude. I simply wanted her to know that changing her mind after confirming my child's enrollment was a poor way to treat people. She immediately raised her voice and told me she'd never heard of a schedule like mine and that NO school would ever take my child! As she yelled at me on the phone, I could hear the daycare children in the background. I wonder what they thought of their care-giver yelling at someone on the phone? Perhaps, they are accustomed to her yelling.

I Can Not Recommend the Owl Moon Daycare facility

I took this de-enrollment as a blessing in disguise. I would never leave my child in the care of someone so angry and ambivalent to others. My child deserves better care than what was demonstrated to me by the Owl Moon Daycare's director.

In my opinion, someone who purports to be daycare provider should be able to carry on an adult conversation without feeling defensive and yelling in front of the children they are caring for. Her actions lead me to believe this may be how she treats those in her care. I was appalled by her behavior and could not in good conscience recommend the Owl Moon Daycare in Brewster, MA to anyone on Cape Cod.

I am happy to discuss my experience with the Owl Moon Daycare with anyone interested in my experience.