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The Block Hotel » The highbrow way to shack up in Lake Tahoe

Block Hotel sign

If you or I were to design a hotel, it would probably come closer to The Block than the average Holiday Inn.
Because we've all stayed in crappy hotels wishing we'd done our homework and found a place that wasn't falling apart and didn't smell like dead bodies - we want to stay in a place that reflects our lifestyle.

Wouldn't it be cool to stay at a place that catered to your sense of style and whose guests were hardcore rippers like you? Hell yeah!

Lake Tahoe is one place to find such a hotel. It goes by the name The Block. Catering to the snowboarders of the local Tahoe resorts, The Block tries to create an atmosphere resembling their style. They do this by offering signature rooms designed by skate and snow industry leaders... and a few others. Then they sprinkle each room with CD players, Play Stations, plasma TVs and unique artwork.

Transworld Snowboard designed room

Room designed by Transworld Snowboarding.

They have signature rooms designed by skate companies DVS and Zoo York. Even the music folks at Napster and the renown pornographers of Vivid Video designed rooms. And how would such illustrious companies seed their brand into their signature rooms?

Signature Room Accouterments

  • DVS Shoes - Features a table-top arcade cabinet with Ms. Pacman, Frogger, and Galaga.
  • Zoo York - Features a big-ass TV, dolby surround system, 5 DVD/CD changer, Playstation 2, iron &iron board, refrigerator, cordless phone and hairdryer.
  • Napster - A very spacious room with a fold out couch, funky design, 80's egg-chair with built in speakers, Playstation 2, Stereo system/computer/DVD player all-in-one. and you can download and listen to all your favorite songs on Napster.
  • Vivid Video - Featuring a stripper-pole, Padded wall, mirrored walls, big-ass TV, Playstation 2, DVD player, and plenty of porn.

If that's not enough for you, they also have a cache of music on CD, movies on DVD and a wealth of XXX porn for your entertainment pleasure. No need to seek out a nearby video store. Sounds like an interesting option if you're out in the Lake Tahoe area and have some free time and money.

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