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Chinese Wood
Bad porno title or bad skateboard decks?

I think I rented a porn flick with that title. So anyway... There's been quite an uproar about certain sk8 companies outsourcing their decks to cheaper Chinese labor - hence the term "Chinese Wood". I'm no horticulturist, but I'm not sure if America has better trees than the Chinese. But is that the only concern? I don't think so. It's much farther reaching.

I'm all for getting the best quality product for the best price. I'd much rather support a domestic company than one that outsources just to save a buck or two. Regardless of motive, on the part of large sk8 companies, lets look at what China has had to offer recently...

take-out Container

Recent Chinese Export Atrocities

  • Poisoned pet food
  • Toothpaste laced with antifreeze
  • Scallops coated w/ putrefying bacteria
  • MSG
  • Counterfeit diabetes tests
  • Pirated copies of Harry Potter
  • Baby bibs coated with lead
  • Counterfeit designer fashions
  • Toys colored with lead paint

    Oh yeah...
  • Shitty skateboard decks

Who doesn't remember a time when "Made in China" was imprinted on tons of products? Today's newspaper headlines make you wonder what you were really getting all those years - poisoned perhaps. So, if US skateboard companies are trying to save a buck by outsourcing to China and the Chinese are trying to make a buck with counterfeit (poisoned, tainted... you pick one) products, whose really losing out? You and me - consumers!

As much as we want to believe that "someone" is looking out for our best interests - you have to protect yourself. The only way to do that is by making very cautious purchases. Don't impulse shop. Know where products are made before you buy them. Research your purchases and don't be afraid to ask someone about the product you are considering. It doesn't matter if its a skateboard wheel or a piece of fruit - know it's origin. Don't get reamed by Chinese wood (I KNOW I rented this flick).

Isn't a Tree a Tree?

When it comes to inferior skateboards and Chinese wood, people immediately blame the product - bad wood (I definitely rented THAT one). As i said, I'm no horticulturist or botanist, but isn't a tree a tree? You always hear about 7-ply Maple decks, so isn't a Maple tree in North Dakota about the same as one in Shanghai? OK, maybe there's something about Chinese dirt that grows crappy Maple trees. Could the issue be production?

Look at all the shortcuts Chinese exporters and manufacturers have used on all sorts of products - some of which are poisonous. If they were using Pine trees to make decks that would explain the inferiority. I blame the people producing the products and the production (or lack of) process itself. It's not the Chinese wood... it's the Chinese production process that's generating crappy sk8 decks.

So, don't necessarily blame the wood... blame the people. It's a lot like what they say about guns - "Guns don't kill people, people kill people."

Crappy Ethics

You can't blame the trees. That's like yelling at Ronald McDonald cuz you got a lousy cheese burger. A tree doesn't make a skateboard, a person does. For a nation (China) poised to become a dominant force in the business world, doing so at the expense of human lives is maniacal. Tainted products from china have killed people. These products were made that way on purpose to cut corners and save money.

Who the Hell wants to buy ANYTHING from China these days?
I don't care if it's cosmetics or skate decks - I'd rather shop elsewhere. "Chinese decks have no pop?" Screw that! Who cares? They're killing people (and animals) with shoddy products and turning a profit in doing so.

All the marginalized product they've shipped should be evidence enough that incompetence is pretty widespread over there when it comes to integrity and ethics.

Buy Good Wood

Make informed purchasing decisions when it comes to skateboard decks. Seems safe to assume that boards produced in China are inferior due to the production process, not the raw materials. If they're willing to kill people and pets, how much care do you think is put into making a skateboard deck? Very little, I suspect. I don't want to associate myself with all those yahoos screaming, "Buy American!" but they may have a valid point even if they don't actually know why.

Live longer - avoid Chinese products.

The real kicker here (he said like a complete moron) is my passion for Chinese food. Few things rival the awesomeness of Chinese take-out. Any day that ends with Chinese take-out can't be all bad.
So, what now? Are we being poisoned by that too? I have to draw the line here on my conspiracy theories, cuz take-out rocks!

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