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Chronicles of a Skater Girl - A narrative film about a female skateboarder

Filmed in New York City, Curly Grrlz is a sponsor of the independent film Chronicles of a Skater Girl, a narrative film about a female skateboarder. Apparently, Curly Grrlz product is sprinkled all over the movie.

Abby in Chronicles of a Skater Girl

Growing up, Abby was rebellious, a tomboy, invincible, and anti-establishment. Unfortunately, Abby lost some of her edge as she has grown up. In present day, she is twenty-something, a teacher, lives in New York City , and is in love with her punk rocker turned law student boyfriend. Her life seems to be on track, until the day that Abby meets an inventor named Malcolm.

Chronicles of a Skater Girl is the romantic story of skateboarders, an inventor, a group of friends, a bunch of school kids, and New York City.

Featuring: Margaret Anne Florence, Gregory Marcel, Julie Mirman, John Forrest, Joshua Burrow, John Forest and Stephanie Smith.

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