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Concrete Wave Magazine - A skateboard mag with an extraordinarily unique edge

Concrete Wave logo

By trade, I'm a webmaster and crave everything in digital format. From information to music - I want it on my computer. However I do have a soft spot for books, newspapers and magazines. At times there's just something comfortably reassuring about a book in my lap, flipping through a newspaper or digesting the latest sk8 mag.

Back to my cravings...
There's something amazing about seeing a new issue of Concrete Wave on the news stand. I subscribe to most of the "popular" skate mags on the market and dig every one of them (OK, some more than others), but there's something special about every issue of Concrete Wave (not in a Special Olympics sort of way). From the cover to the layout of it's contents, it's unique. As you read through it, that uniqueness strengthens. For some inexplicable reason, each issue makes me feel as though CW cares about me as much as they do skateboarding!

Different, Better, Sk8

Tired of massive handrails and the SoCal scene? Concrete Wave covers everything sk8! They're definitely a niche market and their diversity of coverage is awesome. You'll encounter things you won't see anywhere else and may never have known about. Even their advertisers are unique. CW finds a world of skateboarding rarely touched upon by the larger mags. By doing this they expose their readers to a lot of new ideas.
Yep, we've all seen handrails. Thanks.

I always read the Fine Print section at the front of the mag - always inspiring and informative. This is the mag that you just can't throw away after reading it... and when you loan your copy to a friend, they know you'll come looking for it if it isn't returned in a timely fashion.

Publisher, Michael Brooke isn't just a skater with a passion. He's also an author - which means he's a writer. It's very refreshing to find writing skill intertwined with skateboarding. His 1999 book, titled Concrete Wave, chronicles the history of skateboarding with the same passion as his mag. Next up was Skate Legends that told a similar story, but through the tales and pix of various pros throughout skateboarding's history. This guy is NOT short on passion. In fact his enthusiasm is contagious.

Go buy a copy. I guarantee you'll become a subscriber. Don't forget the benefits of sk8 mag subscriptions!

After re-reading the above, I feel as though I just gave a literary blowjob. So, let me finish up here by saying that Concrete Wave is gnar as all fucking hell and will open you to diversity you never knew existed in skateboarding. Fuck yeah! I feel much better now.

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