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For God's Sake, Crissy!
Porn star leaves the smut industry for skateboarding God

Crissy Moran image

In October 2006, porn star and erotic model, Crissy Moran resigned from the smut industry to devote her life to skateboarding God. Announcing this news on her Myspace account sent shockwaves through the legions of porn fanatics religious leaders.

Eager to get their hands all over her hot body on her soul, skateboard team managers priests flocked to her door. Offering Crissy product flow and full parts in upcoming videos guidance she was hard pressed to say no. Thus, she signed with a pro skateboard team the Lord.

Citing that she has done no skate demos porno photo shoots since turning pro finding God, Crissy seems off to a good start on her quest to perfect the 900 find salvation. She now devotes hours to kick flips bible study and scouting new sk8 spots meditation.

Crissy Moran Bikini Riot image

Gone are the days of spreading her legs for the camera, now that she follows the ways of Animal Chin (yes, she's seen him) Jesus. For those who don't follow skateboarding religion, it must be hard to grasp how one could dedicate their lives to a plank with 4 wheels religion.

All skateboarders religious followers know the evil temptations that lay in your path. As you build ramps friendships that fail due to structural miscalculations poor choices, you feel the loss and steal more wood from construction sites seek His help.

The lord may not know how much vert your ramp should have to heal you, but he will lead you towards free pool coping your destination. Just as Crissy has done, you must place trust in skateboarding yourself and not allow skateboarders non-believers to ruin your backyard ramp sessions beliefs.

Crissy Moran bikini image

It is with sadness that we acknowledge Crissy will no longer greet us with a thong in her crack and a strategically placed dildo. But if having a skateboard bible in her hands makes her happy, we'll be happy for her. We may not understand all her reasons for giving up porn for skateboarding God, but we can support her decision to ride ramps with God, not random guys.

Crissy Moran image

Skateboarding Religion can be a wonderful thing to bring into your life. It may not have the zest and zeal of skimpy lingerie or pool-side layouts in a slingshot bikini, but skateboarding God is a powerful force... one we all should embrace. Through the teachings of Thrasher's Skate Coach Jesus, we can all bring skateboarding prayer into our lives, like Crissy Moran has.

Don't judge her on her skate tricks beliefs alone. Look at her as a complete pro skateboarder individual who has taken Tony Hawk's God's teachings into her life. Few among us can pull a McTwist preach wholesomeness after a career in skateboarding pornography.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see Crissy abandon skateboarding religion for a return to porn, but that is a selfish desire. Crissy seems very happy learning new skate tricks with her religion. I wonder if embarking on long skate tours bible studies will become tiresome.

Whatever she chooses, I'm sure pro skateboarder, Crissy Moran will prevail at everything she undertakes from skateboarding religion to pornography. If you wonder why we would be happy to see her put skateboarding religion on hold, take a look at this beautiful skateboarder woman.

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