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Converse's Customized Chuck Taylor Hi-tops & Low Shoes

Custom Chuck Taylor hi-top by Converse

This is not the sort of shoe you'll see on the shelf at your local shoe store. Not even one of those "hippity hoppity" sort of places that plays loud music in the hope you'll think you're somewhere cool and require a new pair of shoes. Nah... these pups are born of online invention - YOURS!

Custom Chuck Taylor hi-top by Converse

Well not entirely, yours, but darn close. The crafty folks at Converse - makers of the infamous Chuck Taylor shoes - decided that they could break down the shoe-making process and let you pick out all the colors and patterns yourself. Why not? Now they can charge nearly twice the price for the same shoe. The customization makes this a pretty attractive offer, especially when you realize you can personalize them. Yep - get your name or nickname (or pretty much whatever) stitched on the side or heel to create a one-of-a-kind custom shoe.

Pretty slick, if you ask me. But you haven't so, go check out and see for yourself.

Incidentally, as far as personalization goes, the powers that be have deemed the term "SK8 OR DIE" as objectionable. In other words, that ain't gonna fly as your personalization phrase which is limited to ten characters. Drat!

If you decide to create your own custom shoe on the Converse site pay attention to the sizing chart. Many of their styles are unisex and require specialized sizing. Beware: these dogs run big!

Custom Chuck Taylor lo-top by Converse

Who's Chuck Taylor?

Custom Chuck Taylor hi-top by Converse

In 1918, a seventeen year-old basketball player named Charles "Chuck" Taylor buys His first pair of Converse All Stars. Liking the shoes he shows up at Converse's Chicago sales office with some innovative ideas (try that in today's world) that impress the company. After graduating high school, he goes on to become a pro basketball player and joins forces with Converse to build a better shoe.

In 1923, Chuck becomes the first player to be sponsored and his signature is added to the ankle of the shoe. Sweet! By 1955 the Chuck Taylor shoe is the #1 shoe in America. So Chuck goes on to become an icon whose name will travel through history for an innovative shoe design and determination to make a great name for his sport.

Too bad he didn't sk8.

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