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Dear Santa - Do you want a wooden toy made by an elf or a skateboard?

How often does this happen? A holiday, birthday or some gift-giving event comes along and you still want a new skatebaord. You ask for one and your grandmother goes to Walmart because they're a little cheaper than Toys R Us.

On that special day, you are presented with an un-rideable piece of crap that you now have to sit down and write a "thank you" letter about. Thanks for nothing!

Put those days behind you and give them the details. No one knows better than you what you want to ride. Be spcific about every aspect of the sk8. That way you can put off writing a "thank you" letter until you've adequately killed your neighborhood streets on your amazing new sk8.

So why not write a letter to your well-intentioned gift giver telling them all the necessary details of your desired skateboard...

Print out this Dear Santa letter and see if it doesn't increase the odds of getting what you really want.

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