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Dwell Magazine Salutes Indie Art Publications

Dwell Magazine Nov 2007 cover

Someone at Dwell Magazine has a penchant for skateboarding. Out in the parking lot of their headquarters, I imagine we'd occasionally see some staffer ollieing parking blocks to manuals.

Dwell is an architecture/interior design rag for the youthful modern soul. Previously, in their Dec/Jan 2006 issue, they ran an article about Rob Dyrdek's skate plaza in Ohio. I was astounded to see this article as it gave those in the design field a direct look at skateboarding and more importantly... designing structures for skateboarding.

This time around Dwell's November 2007 issue takes a look at indie art publications and their ability to showcase emerging talents that might otherwise be overlooked. They mention ANP Quarterly as being published by indie clothing label RVCA. They show a photo taken by pro skater and artist, Ed Templeton.

Someone over at Dwell is dialed into the skate scene in some fashion. Have you ever heard of a mag outside the sk8 industry giving any mention to skating? And both of these articles in Dwell were positive towards skating. As I said in the article about Dyrdek's skate plaza, getting the design community in touch with skateboarding is huge! Its almost a blessing from above although I think I'm destined to "go below" when the day comes. Anyway...

Keep an eye out for skateboard related articles in non-sk8 publications. Our sub-culture of skate is growing. Skating seems destined to become an Olympic sport. How long will it be before some architect designs the outer courtyard of a commercial building to be eminently skateable. I can't wait.

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