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Fat Free » Eating healthy and feeling like you actually ate something that tasted good

Do you frequently feel like a fat-ass?
Do Doritos and beer sound better than rice cakes and water?
Do you prefer good taste to good health?
Do you wish you could indulge your belly like you did in your teens?

Salvation is nearby...

The first time I ate a rice cake I wasn't sure if I would vomit first or laugh out loud. It tasted terrible - dry, tasteless and exactly what the typical healthy snack was supposed to taste like.

On another occasion a friend served beef-flavored tofu. As George Carlin put it, "What does real lemon flavor mean? No freakin' lemons!"

Technology has an odd way of solving problems as it slowly trudges along. If you wait long enough, a new computer will be insanely faster than today's models. Cars in the near future will get much better mileage and possible not require gasoline. And in this same dragging time line, food can begin to taste better.

My wife wants to cut every available calorie she can locate. Part of her plan involves veggie-burgers and the like. I too have eaten veggie-burgers in the past and they, like most fake foods, tasted neither like vegetables or burgers - both of which I am wildly familiar with. But flashing forward to today, taste has come a long way in the laboratories of the world.

Fake foods now taste very much like the real deal. Naturally a veggie-burger will never tate like an authentic juicy burger made of beef, but suffice to say, it's darn close. My point with all this is fat-free taste is a realistic possibility these days.

I crave snacks and will gladly kill to obtain more - in particular, chips and chocolate... and beer.

So, after my long-winded dissertation, here are my discoveries...
No Pudge offers a brownie mix that is fat-free and only requires a single cup of vanilla yogurt to make moist, incredible brownies. Glenny makes a variety of different flavored soy chips that are insanely good. I'd replace doritos in a flash with these - they're that good. My next favorite is a protein bar made by Luna. The packaging says they are made for women, but I've yet to sprout breasts, so I wouldn't sweat the details. They are filling and taste great - a much better alternative to candy bars.

In closing, dump some of Bob's Red Mill flaxseed meal on your cereal each morning. It lowers cholesterol and you won't even know its there.

The other thing you can do is skate more. Its hard to gain weight if you're dropping in all day long!

Healthy Stuff You Can/Should Eat

No Pudge Brownies
Glenny's Soy Chips
Luna Bars
Bob's Red Mill
Trader Joe's

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