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Gorilla Tape » More than your average duct tape

You know when your skate shoe is about to fail you. There's that cool breeze you feel on your toes that can indicate only one thing - a hole. Left untreated (try some Shoe Goo) it's only a matter of time before the sole separates from the top and you get that wonderful flapping sound as you wonder how long the shoe will stay on your foot.

The customary solution to "shoe-flap" is to wrap duct tape around your shoe a few times. This works for a while... until it wears away from the bottom of your shoe and you're left with a non-functional shoe covered in duct tape. Try some Gorilla Tape. It's thicker and more durable than standard duct tape.

Ever find a great spot with a not-so-great landing area - at the base of a handrail, for example? Maybe you need to drop a sheet down to smooth the transition to an awesome bank. Often its handy to have a sheet of plywood or small sheet of metal (like a stolen sign - although we don't advocate theft) for such occasions. However landing on it tends to shift the make-shift transition and cause bailing and bleeding which in turn leads to swearing which makes elderly women wince. We don't want that - certainly not if we can avoid the situation all together with a few strips of well placed Gorilla Tape.

You may be wondering if one can really secure a piece of wood to a concrete surface with tape. The answer is no - not with any ordinary tape. Fortunately, Gorilla Tape is far from ordinary and is especially handy for adhering to rough surfaces. It will stick to brick , stucco, cement, plaster, metal and wood. Not bad, eh?

Magilla Gorilla

Know the Beast - FAQ

  • There are three subspecies of gorillas living in different parts of Africa.
  • Gorillas recognize each other by their faces and body shapes. Each gorilla has a unique nose print.
  • Gorillas do not drink water. They obtain all the moisture they need from the vast amounts of foliage they consume. Males consume approximately 50 pounds per day.
  • Gorillas chuckle, smile and purr. They are gentle and intelligent.
  • Man is gorilla's only enemy. Because of the actions of male gorillas protecting their groups with such determination, humans developed a folklore about the ferocity of gorillas.
  • Gorillas are generally quiet. They are not physically capable of making the same sounds as humans.
  • The greatest threat to the long-term survival of gorillas is habitat encroachment.

Suddenly, I feel smarter than ever. I'm gonna go buy some Gorilla Tape.

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