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Habitat Demos the Wellfleet Skatepark on Cape Cod

When you live in a somewhat remote area, pro skate tours take on a whole new meaning - if you can get one to pass through your area. If you live in SoCal, you can hardly escape seeing a skate demo. Larger cities are frequent tour stops, but not Cape Cod. Poking out into the Atlantic, with only one major highway to take you from end to end, the Cape isn't the first place skate companies think of when planning a tour.

Finding out that the Habitat team was coming to the Wellfleet Skatepark as part of their Inhabitants Tour was cool as Hell. I don't know who had to blow who to make it happen, but this was a killer demo.

The demo was to start at 1:00 so I got there a little early to check out the scene. The skatepark was full of kids, but no one seemed to be talking about the soon-to-be demo. About 15 minutes later two mini vans pull up and park across the street. A guy opens the tailgate and its full of skate gear. The Habitat team has arrived.

I'm in the midst of finishing a sandwich and I'm getting out of my car and Kerry Getz walks by. With a mouth full of food, I wanted to say "Hey", but I think I did pretty well by not choking on my sandwich.

The demo lasted about 2 hours with the team killing the main part of the park and ending in the pool. Nothing beats a god pool jam.

Pictures from the "INHABITANTS" Demo

October 20, 2007

Habitat arrives at the Wellfleet Skatepark Habitat arrives at the Wellfleet Skatepark
Fred Gall Fred Gall
Fred Gall Fred Gall
Kerry Getz Kerry Getz
Tim from Boardinghouse Tim from Boardinghouse
Tim from Boardinghouse Tim from Boardinghouse
signing autographs at wellfleet skatepark Signing autographs
Kerry getz signing autographs at wellfleet skatepark Getz signing autographs

Habitat group photo at wellfleet skatepark

Group photos with the Habitat team and the kids.

Stopping for Food at Marconi Beach Seafood

The team's two mini vans pulled into the Marconi Beach Seafood restaurant after the demo.

Inhabitants Tour poster

Inhabitants Tour Poster

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