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Do What You Love - Tony Hawk speaks out on NPR radio

Moreso than most professional skateboarders, Tony Hawk gets to speak his mind in a variety of places and formats. From his own radio show on Sirius Satelite radio to every sk8 magazine in existence, Tony doesn't lack outlets for his oppinions.

Fortunately, as the unofficial ambasodor to skateboarding, he always has something interesting to say. Below is an exerpt from NPR radio where he discusses his job - Pro Skateboarder.

Article from: (National Public Radio) | July 24, 2006

All Things Considered: Do What You Love

I believe that people should take pride in what they do, even if it is scorned or misunderstood by the public at large.

I have been a professional skateboarder for 24 years. For much of that time, the activity that paid my rent and gave me my greatest joy was tagged with many labels, most of which were ugly. It was a kids' fad, a waste of time, a dangerous pursuit, a crime.

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Tony Hawk got his first skateboard when he was 9 years old. Five years later, he turned pro. Hawk's autobiography and video games have been best sellers, while his foundation has funded skate-park construction in low-income communities across America.

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