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Juice Magazine - "Pools, Pipes & Punk Rock" AND the best sk8 mag ever published

There are all sorts of skate magazines catering to various niches of the skateboarding industry and culture. Some focus on old school while others dwell on what they think is current and will sell the most copies. Very often music is incorporated in the form of band interviews and reviews. They all rely on advertising to sustain themselves... in addition to a large subscriber/reader base.

Juice Magazine Cover

Of them all Juice stands out as a heavy weight contender. Based in the east (NC to be exact), they deliver the thickest, beefiest and most information-packed mag available. You'll likely have trouble finding it, but if you do beg, borrow or steal to obtain it. It's that good!

Then fill out the subscription card.

When your tagline is, "Pools, Pipes & Punk Rock" you know they aren't screwing around. I am amazed at the quantity of quality info, articles and reviews they provide. Honestly, I can't figure out how they do it. They easily provide 5 times the amount of info any mainstream sk8 mag can. AND Juice is an east-coast company. Top that!


porn star Ron Jeremy

Juice is printed in an over-size format making it stand out from all the other puny sk8 mags. Height and width make it stand out, but it's the depth that counts. Juice is thick like a steak or a porn star's wanger. However, be prepared to read. To what? Yes, read. Juice isn't a glossy picture book (Hello, Transworld). In fact, it isn't glossy at all. It's raw - in a very satisfyingly cool way that makes you crave more. Juice always has a story to tell, an incite to share and an opinion to make you re-think what you thought you already knew.

Achieving this requires words. Benefiting from this requires reading the words. Too many people are illiterate wanks who would rather watch reality TV than chill with a good book for an hour or so. Well kids, get out reading glasses because Juice will make you want to read. From the first article you will not put it down (if you do, you risk assassination)

About Juice Magazine*

Since 1993, JUICE MAGAZINE has been dedicated to illuminating those who face resistance from the mainstream. Readers want something real and true. JUICE MAGAZINE features a level of journalism that fills this need. JUICE MAGAZINE is the magazine the kids are picking up and sharing with their friends. We give them something good to talk about. We give them good stories backed with the talent of the heroes of skateboarding, surfing and music who have been to the mountain and stayed to dominate.

Juice Magazine Model

The JUICE MAGAZINE staff includes some of the most legendary names in skateboarding, surfing and music. The honest approach of their stories and photos make JUICE MAGAZINE more than just a magazine. With freelancers based all over the world -- the credibility of JUICE MAGAZINE is undisputed and the flow of information is current and real. JUICE MAGAZINE is full of the some of the most interesting skateboarding, surfing and music journalism you'll ever read.

One of the things we are most proud of at JUICE MAGAZINE is that our sell through on the newsstands is the one of the highest of all independent publications. JUICE MAGAZINE does not sit on a shelf, or get glanced at for just a few minutes. JUICE MAGAZINE readers buy the magazine and spend months reading it over and over again. Our surveys show that at least six readers check out every issue of JUICE MAGAZINE.

* The "ABOUT" info above was shamelessly stolen from the Juice website.

Don't forget the benefits of sk8 mag subscriptions!

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