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Dear Skateboard Mag...

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Dear Skateboard Mag,
Thrasher will soon be releasing their old VHS sk8 vids on a multi-DVD box set. Sounds pretty swell to me. I was wondering if you could nudge Dave Carnie and see if he still has any pull in Larry Flynt's whacky porn world to demand a similar treatment for the old Big Brother vids.

After releasing such timeless (and cleverly titled) classics as "Gaped Crusaders" and "Desperate House Whores 7", it would seem fairly easy to release "Shit", "Number Two", "Boob" and "Crap" on DVD as well. Perhaps the box set could be titled, "Shit Storm" or other similarly marketable fecal reference.

I know Dave is a busy guy, but could it hurt to ask? If he refuses, tell him I'll put my dick in his ass and give him big hurt. Thanks.

Letters to Reese Forbes and Brad Staba via who are answering questions on Subject #2: Girls and skateboarding.

Dear Brad and Reese,
Girls and skateboarding - good topic... unless you're a mail-order sk8 shop who thinks their "Girls" catalog is what female skaters want.

When you hear that Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins took on the Mega Ramp or see the videos put out by Villa Villa Cola, one has to realize that girls can be athletes too. Ok, some of them are fashionista skater-wannabes but some of them really kill shit. Even in the snow, check out the rad shit those chicks are doing over at Misschief Films.

So the sk8 industry's response is to publish girls catalogs that looks just like JC Penny or Macys? Wtf? The last one I found in my mailbox looked like a lame fashion catalog with 2 pages of skate decks. Girls who skate don't want pink shirts with smiley-face skull prints. They want equipment that is better suited to their riding style. How about lighter weight trucks or clothing that better fits a girl's figure?

If the sk8 industry wants to cash-in on the girl's market, it should also propel it by making better products for girls who skate! After all, not all girls want to eat cotton candy while riding a unicorn. Some girls like to set fires, watch porn and kick ass.

Shit, was I supposed to be asking you a question? Ok. If you guys were fucking, who'd be on top?

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