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Dear Thrasher,
In the Feb 07 issue I noticed a blurb about all the old VHS releases being mastered onto DVD. I haven't seen mention of this on your web site, so if this turns out to be a clever ruse to get my hopes up, I will put my dick in your ass and give you big hurt.

Otherwise, I'm looking forward to the DVD release!

--- Schmitty wrote:
VHS to DVD went out Friday, look for a box set coming out soon

That makes my day... no big hurt for you guys!
Dear Thrasher,
I was stoked to see that you finally put the remaining 1981 PDF archive online. It's an amazing view into sk8 history. Unfortunately, while I was waiting for the subsequent files to be posted I put my life on hold as I waited. I stopped going to work, watering my plants and feeding my pet turtle - his name is Ned.

I am still enjoying the ‘81 issues, but your delay caused my unemployment, wilted my fern and prompted my turtle to leave me for a nearby pond where he is being humped by a rather large frog (at least that's what I discern from the sounds I hear). Please post 1982 or I will put my dick in your ass and give you big hurt. Thanks.

--- Erin wrote:
Tell me your last name ASAP and Išll put your letter in the mag.

--- Erin wrote:
Wait, I also forgot to ask where you're from (city and state)?

This letter was published in the April 2007 Issue.

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