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Living Room Skate Museum: Display Your Skateboards Like Works of Art

April 6, 2009

Whether you consider your skateboard a piece of art, a means of transportation or the most amazing creation of the modern world - one thing is certain... Tripping over it when you're not skating sucks!

Maybe you keep your skate in a closet, in the garage or just laying wherever you drop it. There's no specific place for skateboards in today's residential design and architecture. Most living rooms are large enough for a mini-ramp, but people often put things like couches and tables where the ramp would fit. Skateboarding is so counter-culture that the board itself doesn't even fit into modern confines. That's a good thing because skateboarding belongs to us... not them (whoever they are).

If you have one board or twenty, you have to put them somewhere. A few inventive souls have come up with ways for you to store and/or display your skateboard. From getting rid of clutter to creating an artistic display, one of these products should do the trick.

  • Skateboard Hanger - A coat-hanger for skateboards.
  • Sk8ology Floating Deck Display - Permanently mount decks to the wall.
  • BordzUp - Wall-mount display system with quick-release.

The Skateboard Hanger

Skateboard hanger skateboard storage closet

The simplest of all the skateboard rack/storage systems I've seen is the Skateboard Hanger. It's so simple you might find yourself saying, "Why didn't I think of that?" Well, you didn't and you don't own the patent, so you're stuck having to pay for it just like the rest of us.

No holes to drill or screws to crack your drywall, the Skateboard Hanger slips over any closet rod in seconds and you let the hooked ends hold your trucks. It's easier than hanging up a shirt. Just remember the Skateboard Hanger suspends boards by the trucks, so you can't use it to store or display unassembled decks.

If you're short on closet space, you can hang it on anything, even a nail in the wall. Since it's designed primarily for closet-rods, the hanging part sticks up above the board so it may not be the device of choice for turning your living room into an art gallery.

Check out our review of the Skateboard Hanger.

Sk8ology's Floating Deck Display Hanging Rack

Sk8ology Floating Deck Display Hanging Rack skateboard storage

Sk8ology has a nice wall-mounting device for single or multiple boards that hides behind the deck. Screw the unit onto the wall and mount your favorite deck on the wall. This is a great way to create an artistic approach to deck display with a professional touch. Way better than "a nail through a truck-hole".

This is a clever product that is both relatively simple and well thought out. The multi-board holder is a 33" strip (other sizes available) that mounts horizontally on the wall, letting you choose where to mount the boards along the strip. Whether you have popsicle stick (7" wide) or old school (10" wide) decks, you can choose the spacing between the boards. That's good design!

The single board mount is completely hidden behind the deck, whereas the multi holder can be seen in between the decks. Minor detail, but worth mentioning.

BordzUp's Gravity Suspension Rack - GSR3000 for skateboards

BordzUp Gravity Suspension Rack skateboard storage

Saving the best for last, here's the display option from BoardzUp - the Gravity Suspension Rack. Don't fret over the pretentious name - their product lives up to it in several ways. Think of it as a combo product. It artistically displays your boards (either decks or assembled completes) on a wall AND allows you to hang and remove them in seconds!

Your skateboard transforms from hanging wall art to rolling machine of concrete mayhem in 3 seconds. The board is held against the wall by 3 small discs. As you place the board into the GSR3000, gravity lets is slide about 2 inches and the sides move in to securely hold it in place. Lift up on your board and the arms release your skateboard and you're out the door. While mounted, only the 3 small discs are visible.

It's ability to artistically and usefully display both assembled skateboards and/or decks is what make this an especially appealing product. The GSR3000 alone looks like a piece of industrial art when not holding a board.

Check out our review of BordzUp's Gravity Suspension Rack - GSR3000.

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