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Making Your Own Skateboard - in 1977

Ah those were the days... yanking apart your sister's roller skates and ataching the wheels to a plank. Bam! Instant skateboard. Times have changed, so we don't have to go to such prehistoric methods. But they're fun to look back on.

Skateboards, Scooterboards and Seatboards You Can Make - book cover

I don't think I'd want to ride any of the fabricated illing-machines these kids have on this 1977 book cover (Skateboards, Scooterboards and Seatboards You Can Make by Marilyn and George Gould). On the other hand, I already have a skateboard - several actually - and don't really have any need to make a ramshackle scooter-of-death.

I'm better suited to making bookshelves and tables. I'm not sure how I'd create a skateboard that had the right concaves. And living in the new millenium (as it were) makes buying a skateboard much safer than making one with late ‘70s standards.

1977 truck parts

Ever seen a truck like this? bushings are refered to as cushions and the kingpin was an action bolt? And how about a baseplate with only three holes? Wtf!?!

I'd be afraisd to push down a driveway with this thing, let alone bomb a hill. But books like these gave hope to a young generation of rippers that they could make if they couldn't buy it. I'm afraid technology has out-paced that idea in today's world.

If any of this still seems plausible feel free to dive inad get the whole plan as to buiding that sk8 of your dreams.

1977 sk8 plans 1977 sk8 plans

Happy building!
You can rank your success by seeing if your final result offers up as much fun as this 1977 scene...

1977 skaters

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