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Loading the Pimp Sled (your crappy car) - Preparing for a skateboard road trip

There comes a time when you need to see new sites, get away from the mundane scene you skate everyday and find a new location where you can be chased by Cops you've never seen before. Oh what fun it is to take a road trip - skate-wise, that is.

Pimp sled: Cadillac

But don't just scoop your crew into the pimp-sled and head toward the horizon. Plan things out. Be organized. Nothing sucks more than having to buy something you already own, just cause you forgot it.

Road Trip Check List:

  1. Water - You can never have enough beer or Jolt on hand, but bring some backup water. On a hot day it will lengthen your sessions.
  2. Cooler - Full or empty, bring one. Whether you need ice or just a place to keep food from getting crushed, a cooler is a wildly multipurpose thing - including being used as a seat.
  3. Food. You can never have too much. ‘nuff said.
  4. Skate tools - Not just the pocket ones, bring a full set of tools so you don't have to beg at a shop where they don't know who the hell you are.
  5. Spare parts - You'll break something. Always happens when you're on the road. Be prepared with extra hardware, bearings. A spare deck and set of trucks can't hurt.
  6. Gameboy - Or whatever portable game system you have. Bordom happens to everyone at some point.
  7. Rakes & Brooms - If you're gonna hit some pools, you may need to clean.
  8. Buckets - What if that pool has some rain build-up. Don't whimp out - prepare to bail it out!
  9. Extra clothes - Who wants to sit around in sweaty clothes?
  10. Camera - Won't you feel stupid if you can't document your greatness as you pull every trick that's eluded you.
  11. Cash - Credit's nice, but it's always good to have some cash on hand.
  12. Gas - Fill your tank before you leave. Collecting gas money at the end of the day never works out for the driver.
  13. Cell phone - Can be used as a look-out tool while sessioning a private pool or property. It always helps to have someone spying for cops and owners.

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