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$7,000: Build a half Pipe or Buy a RealDoll?

We presume you're familiar with skateboard half pipes and the joy they can bring when you have one in your own backyard. You may not be familiar with RealDolls (if not, you probably don't want a silicone sex-slave in your backyard). RealDolls are similar to the age-old "blow-up doll". However, a blow-up doll doesn't resemble a real woman no matter how much you drink. RealDolls, on the other hand, look surprisingly realistic until you touch one and see that "she" is ice cold - no body heat.

If you've never seen a RealDoll, do yourself a favor and take a look at the RealDoll website.

Dollar for dollar the price of a 6x20-foot high half pipe is nearly identical to the cost of a RealDoll.

Lets say you're a single guy with $7,000 to blow. Sounds good, right? But how should you spend it? We examine these two possibilities and weigh the pros and cons of each.

skateboard half pipe silicone Real Doll sex slave
$7,000 Cost $7,000
6' high, 8' wide, 20' long Measurements 5' 7" high, 36C-24-34
4x4's, 2x4's, 4x8 plywood, Skatelite exterior Materials Steel skeleton, silicone exterior
Skatelite must be periodically replaced. Cover during heavy rain or snow. Maintenance Silicone can be delicate. She must be moved around with care.
Suitable for skateboards and BMX - no fruit-boots. Ride-ability Can be ridden by maximum of three people at once.
Best used during warm dry times. Seasonality Can be enjoyed 24/7, all year long.
10 - Awesome! Fun Factor 10 - Awesome!
Roll-out decks Extras An anal opening
Built on-site. No shipping. Shipping Factory built and shipped via ground.
Encourages loud noise that may annoy neighbors. Noise Silent. Far less whiny and demanding than your last girlfriend.
Can not be moved. Storage Shipped in a storage box or easily stuffed in a closet when Mom visits.
˜ 1,500 Pounds Weight ˜ 110 pounds.

When you weigh out the options, maybe you really need a girlfriend who skates.

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