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Roller Girls » Pose at the mall, not at the park

Some girls know what to do at a skate park. They have no fear and aren't afraid of what others think of them. Initiative is a tough thing to muster when all her friends are developing their fashion sense. Still some cool chicks prevail.

They hang around. They complain. They bother us. They take up space.

If we're lucky, they will sometimes seem attractive despite their uselessness.

Personally, I wish they all would conquer the ramps, run amok and skate tough, but that's just not the way of the world, is it?

It's much easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk, but some of these chicks need to walk back to the stores they bought their poser-outfits from and fess up to their pretend fantasies of being cool hardcore sk8 chicks. If you're not the real-deal, don't hang out at the skate park or skate spots. Go to the mall and buy more socks or something.

Leave the culture of skate to those who live it, not those who "buy" it.

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