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Demise of SG Magazine - Surf | Snow | Skate Girl Magazine

SG Magazine logo

Girls have it rough on the sk8 scene. They always have, but it's getting better. Women are getting more and more recognition for their skills - rather than their sex appeal. Magazines dedicated to women in action sports - like SG - helped a lot. But, like all good things, it ended. SG magazine ceased publication in December of 2005.

I remember getting that issue in the mail and reading the editorial page stating that this would be the last issue. WTF I thought to myself... then out loud. Very loud. The thing is, mags like SG don't come along often and are very hard to maintain. Props to the team who kept it going as long as they did.

When was the last time you picked up a copy of Thrasher, Transworld or any mainstream sk8 mag and saw a girl on the cover? Ever? Try to remember the last girl you saw anywhere in a mainstream sk8 mag. That sums up the difficulty women have in the world of action sports.

Of course most women face something worse than "lack of media coverage*". Most male skaters see woman as lesser talents and treat them like assholes. Elissa Steamer can bump most guys out of any competition, but she's just a girl, right? ... who began riding for Zero in 2005!

SG Magazine cover

People are generally lemmings. They need to be told what to do, who to like, what is cool, etc...
Advertising uses this tact exclusively. How do we know a product is good? We see a commercial that tells us it's good. It's surprising how many people are "followers" without a rational cell in their bodies to make them stop and question anything.

So, can girls skate? I guess not since we never see them in mags or videos. If you hunt around you'll find magazines like "Check It Out" and DVDs like, "Getting Nowhere Faster" or "AKA Girl Skater". In such media, you'll find out that girls rip just as hard as the guys - they just don't get coverage - and they look better doing it.

So SG is no more and that sucks for the girls it stoked, the sk8 industry that was forced to recognize girl-skaters and those who enjoyed following the coverage they gave to female athletes. Rest assured there are still countless women out there thrashing and they have no intention of stopping.

Next time you see a girl on a board, give her a cheer and remember she's got guts!

SG Magazine final cover

SG Magazine's final cover; December 2005. R.I.P. sg mag.

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