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$800 Billion Dollar Skate Shop Bailout

January 30, 2009

How would you spend $800 billion?


Your local skateboard shop probably isn't the first place you'd think the government should spend $800 billion, but look at how they've spent it so far. Now tell me that money wouldn't have done more good in local skate shops - which put it into the economy - instead of squandered by greedy corporate giants!

I understand the need for failing corporate entities like banks, Wall Street and automakers to succeed for the best interests of the US and our financial structure. It seems odd that these giants of industry ruined themselves through greed and bad practice without anyone being the wiser. However, I accept that their complete failure would induce harsher damage to the economy.

The part I don't understand it why these witless institutions were given a ton of money with no guidelines or restrictions. The first infusion of money was spent on bonuses and buying up assets - no money went back into the economy. The point of the bailout money was to put it back into circulation via loans and such. It wasn't supposed to be squirreled away or wasted. Wall Street gave themselves one of the largest bonuses in history. Now the taxpayers are supposed to give them more?

Forget it! Give that money to someone who could actually use it.

Giving Money to the People

In less desperate times, stimulus packages were given to those who needed it most - TAXPAYERS.
The idea is that giving each person a few hundred dollars will incite them to go buy a new skateboard, TV or something that will put that money back into the economy. So far, all the money has gone into the pockets of the greedy few who caused this problem in the first place.


What if they took that $800 billion and split it evenly with every US Tax Payer? Hmmm. I like the sound of that. It would give power to the consumer. I could choose what bank to go to for a mortgage. I could choose which financial institution to invest with. I could choose which auto maker I wanted to buy a car from. If the people have the money, they will support the institutions they believe in. This is a fundamental part of a capitalist economy.

If people want to buy Chevrolets, maybe Chrysler will improve their offering or go out of business. If people choose Bank of America, maybe Citi Group will change their ways or go out of business. Let the people decide by putting the money into companies they believe in. Couldn't be worse than the government trying to guess. And would help the economy more than a few big-wigs keeping the money for themselves.

Math isn't my strong suit and I could be wrong, but lets do some basic math.
In 2007 the IRS said their were about 138 million taxpayers. So, if they split the $800 billion with these 138 million taxpayers...

$800 billion ÷ 138 million taxpayers = ˜ $5,800 for each taxpayer.

That doesn't seem like such a bad way to resolve the economic crisis. It would probably help more people and businesses than artificially propping up big businesses that will squander the money they are given on inside bonuses and parties. Of course the taxpayers will never be given any such funds. The Government will simply tax people to death in order to finance wars, fake fears, false agendas and their other trinkets. Thank God George Bush is out of office!

Plight of the Independent Local Skate Shop

We've discussed the wasted effort of giving taxpayer money to greedy corporate businesses and seen the dubious likelihood of giving the money to taxpayers, so why not give it to independent skate shops?

Owning and operating an independent skate shop is a tough gig. No one does it to get rich - they do it out of a love for skateboarding. When corporations like WalMart, Kmart, Target, toy stores, mall stores and national sporting goods stores jump on the "skateboard bandwagon", it dilutes the market. This creates a lot of competition which hurts the local skate shop because it takes sales away from them. That sucks because they are the heart & soul of your local skate scene. Do you think WalMart or some random toy store are doing anything to promote the local skate park or scene. Hell no!

The thing most people seem oblivious to is that box-stores and toy stores all sell inferior un-branded skate products - essentially cheap toys. Only your local skate shop sells high quality boards and equipment that are built to last. it doesn't even make sense that people buy skateboards at toy stores unless they're buying them for 3 year olds.

Give the Bailout Money to Independent Skateboard Shops

Lets just give the bailout money to skate shops! Inside their retail venue, they can expand and carry broader lines of product from large mainstream players as well as the smaller companies. This will aid the industry across the board as orders increase in size and breadth. This will allow manufactures to fund new projects and take more innovative risks in driving skate technology forward.

As to the skate community, shops will be able to help fund new parks and push the envelope of new skate terrain. Demos can become full blown events that mutually benefit visiting manufacturers, the local skate shop and all the skaters who attend. These larger events will attract more people to skateboarding.

See, all it takes is money. Who'd have guessed?

The reality is that government exists to protect the rich at the expense of the middle and lower classes. But it was a nice fantasy to think someone would give back to something really worthwhile.

$800 Billion Skateboard Shop Bailout

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